Building a location-based service is fast.

Make your own in 1-2-3 steps. Let's get started!

Launch Maps

Step 1: AUTH

Login with your social account, and authorize permission for Jinma API Tutorial (Terms of Use / Privacy Policy):

Login here »

The Access Token and User ID will be shown below, saved in browser's localStorage, and be used for step 2 and 3.


Step 2: POST

Now you can create any messages on the maps by requesting POST /MsgCreate, or just use the form below:

Step 3: GET

Get all your messages within any rectangle around a location(center point C and region size S) by requesting GET /MsgsByGeoAppUser.

Simply zoom in/out on the maps above to see how maps use this endpoint:

Map mode

Note: All messages created on Jinma are publicly available, but here requesting messages specifically created by you is only available with your access token, by default (for privacy).

Read more on publicity, or just see for yourself by switching map mode to public ↑